Where Does Mold come From? Just a little bit of moisture, warm temperatures, high humidity, and you have mold! So how can mold grow in such a dry environment as Colorado? Fact is that mold can grow anywhere!

When mold becomes a problem in Colorado it is usually is man-made. That concept refers to water damage, maintenance issues, and construction defects. The state is not immune to the problem even with a drought-like environment. We all understand that moisture plays a huge roll in accelerating the growth of mold in most places where it is found.

Wet, cramped dark areas can grow mold if left unattended. Easily happens when snow or ice has left moisture behind. Homes that are located in the mountains are decades old and with this add some rain and summer heat to create the perfect conditions that can spark a mold outbreak

Mold Triggers

Old decaying construction materials hold moisture. Poor quality building materials, such as Styrofoam ceiling, allows for moisture build up. Insulation products, if packed too tightly cause a wet wall not to dry out and prevents pollutants from filtering out, creating the perfect combination for mold to flourish.

So, even Colorado’s low levels of humidity does not keep you safe from mold growth. Collective moisture can, and will build up overtime regardless of the conditions in your area. Essentially the propensity towards mold growth is everywhere regardless of how dry the air is.
That’s why First Choice Environmental Testing is the sure way to protect yourself and your property from falling victim to mold problems. Protect your health, protect your property!

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