What are some facts Southern Colorado does not know about mold? First of all, that mold is everywhere, even in the dry acrid climate of Southern Colorado. Matters not where you live but mold affects more people than you think in lots of serious ways. Ever have that cold or flu that wasn’t? Well it can be hard to tell the difference from cold or flu or mold exposure. It is not relegated to specific areas but considered a worldwide problem.

Did you know insurance companies often do not cover mold damage, or flood damage for that matter? You may be required to pay for any damages out of pocket if mold is discovered to be a serious issue in your home.

Did you know mold is everywhere? It is in Southern Colorado, Alamosa, Cañon City, Colorado Springs, Gunnison, La Junta, Lamar, Las Animas, Loghill Village, Ouray, Pueblo, Ridgway, Salida, Trinidad, Walsenburg and all parts in between. It surrounds us both indoors and outdoors. Some molds are beneficial and some we eat (cheeses, sour cream, mushrooms, vinegar, etc). Mold becomes a problem when it surrounds you indoors, and that’s where it can harm you.

Do you know where mold can grow? Well it can only grow on porous surfaces and there are lots of them in your home that will allow it to take hold.

Do you know how many types of mold there are? There are over 100,000 different types of mold in the world and though all of those cannot grow in your immediate environment, it is impossible to know the difference between good and bad mold spores.

How does mold get into your home? Usually in Southern Colorado it is due to moisture intrusion. It could be a leak or defect from roof or outside siding, it matters not how it gets in, but if it does it will need to be addressed. It is important to find the source and repair it or find the mold and destroy it. Either way you will need a mold inspection. Just a note, if mold exists on your walls, mold resistant paints will not kill it. The paint will bubble and the mold will begin to come through again.

Shopping for a new home? A mold inspection should be considered, especially if it lies in a flood zone. Even new homes can be affected by mold growth, so think before you buy.

Are you aware that long term exposure to mold can lead to death? If you are immune compromised, elderly, young, pregnant, mold can wreak havoc on your health. This is always something to consider if you are raising a family.

This is some basic knowledge that can possibly help you in the future so you can be aware of some of the ways mold can impact your life and the life of your family. Knowledge can give you the tools to understand how important it is to be diligent. If you suspect any mold growth in your home it is time to contact the experts who are trained on mold growth and removal. But first testing is imperative. Call us today at First Choice Environmental Testing to make sure you are on the defense and tackling a potential problem.