Thinking of selling your home in Southern Colorado and suspect asbestos? If you own property in any part of the state of Colorado, your investment is important and always needs to be protected. Many homes throughout the state, and particularly Southern Colorado, have been built years ago and are being remodeled or sold. It is with this thought in mind you realize that renovation of any kind, any disturbance of interior or exterior materials, that could have been made from asbestos, testing for it prior to disturbing is mandatory.

So, if you are living and working in our beautiful state, in Alamosa, Colorado Springs, Gunnison, Ouray, Ridgeway, Salida, Trinidad or Pueblo, Canon City, La Junta, Loghill Village, Salida, Walsenburg, Lamar, Las Animas, or any other area of Southern Colorado, the rules on asbestos are clear. If you are doing any remodel or renovation and materials are disturbed, an asbestos test is necessary. If you are selling property lend integrity to any transaction and deliver peace of mind for those considering a real estate purchase.

Selling Your Home and Suspect Asbestos?

When selling property anywhere in Colorado it is up to the seller to disclose latent defects if they are aware of any asbestos contamination. It is always reasonable to believe that the seller is aware of asbestos and be transparent and inform the buyer. The crux here is that if you are aware of asbestos contamination it needs to be disclosed or repaired prior to the completion of the sale. Obviously, in Colorado, homes are purchased that have been built prior to the 1980s.

It is perfectly legal to sell a home with asbestos, but there are choices. If you suspect asbestos it is best to address the issue and have a professional testing completed. That would not be a deal killer. If a prospective buyer asks for a test you are required to get one. Often suspect asbestos, pointed out from a home inspector, will precipitate a professional inspection. Once identifying asbestos there is no turning back and the seller is required to repair if damaged but if all materials are in good condition, flooring, siding or roofing materials, with asbestos, it can last many years.

If the presence of asbestos is disclosed, a buyer may ask for credit of containment or removal. Understanding exactly where and in what condition the asbestos in your home is, you can address the concerns of potential buyers. At First Choice Environmental Testing, we are here to meet your concerns. If it is asbestos or mold testing in Southern Colorado call us today.