Mold can wreak havoc on your health and your home. A few health problems include asthma, chronic fatigue, headaches and body pains. Structural problems may include weakened beams, rotting floors and bowed walls. Mold can be difficult to detect. In fact, you may have a mold problem and not even know it until actual damage occurs.

Moisture and Humidity

Any location in your home or business that has a moisture problem may also indicate a mold problem. Mold is a humidity problem. Decrease the humidity and you will decrease the likelihood of the presence of mold. A frequent location of mold is the bathroom, especially if there is a shower. Leaky roofs are a common culprit for unseen mold in the attic and in between the walls.  If you want to avoid a mold problem — reduce humidity and check your home for leaks.  Any area that tends to have any standing water or a leak (no matter how small) can result in mold growth.


An unlikely place place where mold tends to hide is around window sills in the home. Windows tend to fog up and produce condensation more often than we realize. Every time we boil water on the stove, take a shower or run hot water in the sink, near-by windows develop condensation. The water builds up on the windows and then trickles down onto the sill. Water may seep into the wall if there are any cracks around the window. This may cause an unseen mold problem between the walls of your home. Constant moisture in this area will cause the mold to spread in the walls. The same principle applies to unseen leaky pipes or pipes that tend to produce condensation.

Standing Water

Water has a tendency to accumulate around the foundation of a structure. Standing water around the foundation can eventually crack and erode the foundation. Water can seep into the foundation or basement area, thus creating a perfect unseen environment for mold to grow. Check around your home for signs of water accumulating at the foundation after a rain or snow-melt.

These are just a few signs that you may have a mold problem and not even know it. If you suspect that mold may be invading your home, give the professionals at 1st Choice a call for mold testing. You may be saving money on structural repairs as well as doctor bills with just one call!

Be Well!

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