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A Place for Recreation

Located at the bottom of several valleys, icy cold air settles into Gunnison at night making it one of the coldest spots in winter in the U.S. Gunnison residents and vacationers enjoy many activities such as skiing, ice fishing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and hunting. Summer activities include fishing in Gunnison River, Blue Mesa Reservoir, and Tomichi Creek. And let’s not forget the rodeo activities celebrated on Cattlemen’s Days. The Cattlemen rodeo continues to be a leader in PCRA rodeos. If contemplating an outdoor activity filled vacation, Gunnison, Colorado is the place.

Asbestos and Mold Testing in Gunnison

It is assumed that when you live in a cold climate like Gunnison that mold is not an issue. But there are many strains of mold and each has its own environment to flourish in regardless of conditions. Weather conditions can possibly lead to mold growth when weather is not only cold but wet. Trapped heat with all outside entrances closed can lead to moisture build up and accelerate the growth of mold.

Mold spores thrive in decaying and old construction material such as drywall and old wood. Mold can also be caused by water damage, construction defects, or maintenance. Mold growth can cause severe respiratory problems in many people and even though Colorado may have low levels of humidity, that does not mean it is resistant to mold.

Any use of asbestos in the construction industry is now restricted and regulated but versions of manufactured products are still being used today. The products with some degree of asbestos typically are floors, siding, walls, and insulation. That’s why if you are making any alterations to commercial or residential properties then asbestos testing is essential. Construction prior to 1978 runs the risk of significant amounts of asbestos having been used in the manufacture of the building materials. The state of Colorado has specific rules for asbestos testing for both homeowners and commercial clients. If there are any concerns it is better to be safe and protected from the health damaging effects of this product.

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