Mold and Asbestos Testing

Asbestos and mold testing.

Mold and asbestos testing is so important because it’s the best way to ensure a healthy environment.  Asbestos testing is required before any remodeling, renovation or demolition. 

( – Asbestos, Renovation and Demolition)

Asbestos Testing

Prolonged exposure to asbestos could result in harm to your health. Asbestos is common in certain housing materials. Remodeling projects may cause Asbestos fibers becoming airborne. As a result, breathing in these fibers can cause severe lung damage. Most importantly, have your home tested before any demolition or remodeling projects.  So, request a quote for our Asbestos Testing services today!

(visit the State of Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment for regulations regarding asbestos testing)

Testing for Mold

Do you suspect that there may be the presence of mold in your home or business?  If so, this problem should be taken care of immediately because significant health problems can result from prolonged exposure. Some effects of exposure to mold are: chronic headaches, fatigue and respiratory complications.  Mold continues to spread when left untested and untreated. As a result, the clean-up becomes more costly. Call First Choice for Mold Testing services today.

 (visit the State of Colorado Dept. of Public Health for recommendations regarding the treatment of mold)