We Serve Ouray County

Ouray County, home to the towns of Ouray, Ridgway, and Loghill Village, is situated within the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. The town of Ouray, nestled below towering mountain peaks, is home to one of the most complete historic downtowns in all of Colorado, with the entirety of Main Street designated a National Historic District! In addition to Main Street, two-thirds of Ouray’s restored Victorian buildings are still in use today. A famous outdoor destination for travelers from all over the world for well over a century, the area around.

The Spirit of The Old West

Ouray features hundreds of miles of backcountry roads and sulfur-free hot springs. Ridgway, known as the Gateway to the San Juan Mountains, is a quaint rural town that advertises itself as a “blend of the spirit of the Old West, healthy lifestyles and laid-back, friendly folks.” Loghill Village, an upscale destination located on Log Hill Mesa and bordering Ridgway State Park, boasts an abundance of stunning views, dense flora and diverse wildlife.

Asbestos and Mold Testing in Ouray County

With an abundance of historical structures still in use and an adherence to preserving and honoring the past, the residents of Ouray County understand the importance of testing for asbestos and mold, even if a renovation project is not indicated.

If there is any probability that mold or Asbestos is a threat to your residential or commercial property know that we are here for you for testing. You only need to call to schedule an appointment with us at First Choice Environmental Testing.

Learn why we’re why we’re Southwest Colorado’s “First Choice” in asbestos and mold testing!